OAuth Login is very quick and powerful, sure it helps you to increase your website registrations. It's definitely a must have login system for every PHP based web projects.

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Nowadays filling big registration forms are boring, one click you will get valid user data from Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Linkedin.

Facebook Account Login Google Account Login Microsoft Account Login Linkedin Account Login

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OAuth Login is light weight script and developed in PHP programming language. All the OAuth modules are working independently, if required you can use Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Linked logins separately.


After your payment successful, you will get an email with OAuthLogin.zip attached sent by srinivas@9lessons.info within 15 hours. If you are not seeing it, check the spam folder. If you still don't see it, send me an email and I'll resend you again.

How it Works

Facebook Application Setup

Step 1: Click here to create a Facebook application.

Step 2: Configure App Id and App Secret into facebook_login/config.php

Google Application Setup

Step 1: Domain registration add or register your domain at click here.

Step 2: Ownership verification verify your domain ownership with HTML file upload or including META tag.

Step 3: OAuth Keys google will provide you OAuth consumer key and OAuth consumer secret key.

Step 1: Google APIConsole create client ID OAuth Console here.

Step 2: Create client ID.

Step 3: Here the application OAuth client ID and client secret.

Microsoft Application Setup

Step 1: Click here to launch Microsoft live development dashboard and create an application.

Step 2: Microsoft will provide you Client ID and Client secret. Give valid redirect callback URL.

Step 3: Give your application details.

Linkedin Application Setup

Step 1: Click here to launch Linkedin developer network and give application details

Step 2: Linkedin will provide you API Key and Secret Key. Give valid redirect callback URL.

Installation OAuth Login Script